THC Oral observation device VELscope®

Bell scope, THC

A world standard intraoral fluorescence observation device for 20 years from the start of research.
The accumulated results are about 25 million cases worldwide.
Reported as an official medical device in Japan!

What is VELscope® Vx, an intraoral fluorescence observation device?
It is a fluorescence observation device that observes the inside of the oral cavity.

Highest output light function
A function is narrowed down and the rechargeable cordless, compact and easy to use are realized.
Visual observation under white light and Bellscope Vx can be used to observe the mucous membrane in the oral cavity of the tissue.

Oral fluorescence observation device Bellscope Vx specification
< Bellscope Vx> Intraoral fluorescence observation device
-Dimensions / height
21.8cm x width 5.6cm x depth 8.6cm
– weight / 413g -LED light source / service life is equivalent to the life of the device

<Charging stand>
Power supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5A Output 12V, 5A Use medical power cord
-Dimensions / height 6.4cm x width 10.2cm x depth 10.2cm
-weight / 760g