Bio Occlusion Film

Articulating Paper

Personal Occlusion Concept


  • Highly precise examinations are possible with 10µm thickness.
  • Large size (75 x 75mm) is available to diagnose whole jaws.
  • Compared to ordinary articulating paper it is easy to check the occlusal condition by the level of transparency at the contact points.
  • Three colors available (RED, GREEN, BLUE) that are selected to check centric occlusion, protrusive movement and lateral movement.
  • Running cost reductions possible.


Starter Set: Bio Occlusion Film(Red, Green, Blue) each 30 pcs, Bio Occlusion Holder 1
pc, and Film Case 3 pcs
Bio Occlusion Film: Red, Green, Blue 200pcs/box
Bio Occlusion Holder: 1pc/pack
Film Case: 1pc/pack